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Lash Couture Faux Mink

Little Black Dress

Like mink, only better! Transcend everyday beauty with sumptuously soft faux mink lashes. As soft, ultrafine, and tapered as real mink, these synthetic lashes hold a beautiful curl, and they're virtually indistinguishable from your natural lashes once applied. Mink Effect Design features weightless volume and curlSumptuously soft faux mink strip lash.

  • LITTLE BLACK DRESS features lust-worthy lashes with an ultra-feminine flare
  • Exclusive knot-free lash band
  • Reusable & contact lens friendly
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Lash Glue Included
Use & Tips

1. Check fit; trim if needed. 2. Apply KISS Lash Adhesive along lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.
3.Once tacky, apply lash along natural lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely. To remove: Starting at the outer corner, gently peel up lash strip. Use makeup remover to wipe away excess glue.


Synthetic fibers

KISS Lash Couture Little Black Dress
KISS Lash Couture Little Black Dress