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Nail Kit

Brush on Gel

KISS Brush on Gel Nail Tips Kit has all you need for a super strong, long lasting, at-home gel manicure, now with 40% more glue

  • New Wider Brush for a Quick & Even Application
  • Specially formulated for durability, with a seamless french/natural tip.
  • No lamp needed. Easy application
  • Extra Gel Brush Included
  • KIT CONTAINS:Brush-On Gel Glue NET WT 7 g (0.25 oz.), Brush-On Gel Activator 7.1 mL (0.25 US fl. oz.), Brush Cleaner 14.7 mL (0.50 US fl. oz.), 48 Easy-Apply Tips(24 Natural Tips, 24 French Tips), Mini File, Manicure Stick, Replacement Gel Brush
Use & Tips

Preparation: Protect working surface with paper towels. Push back cuticles with manicure stick. Trim and file nails; lightly buff nail surface to remove surface shine. Remove dust; wipe nails clean with acetone polish remover. Tip Application: 1. Select the correct size tip for each finger; set aside in order before beginning. (If needed, file sides for accurate fit.) 2. Hold tip with Easy-Apply Tab and apply Brush-on Gel to back well area of nail tip (the part that adheres to natural nail). Slowly lower tip onto natural nail, hold firmly until set. Repeat this for rest of nails/fingers. 3. To blend tip with natural nail apply and hold wet brush from brush cleaner along seam of each tip. Next lightly buff seam if necessary but AVOID excessive filing on natural nail surface. 4. Remove Easy-Apply Tabs by gently bending up and down. (Do Not Twist Off) File to desired shape. Wipe off any dust. Gel Application: 1. Use fresh paper towels free of dust particles. Set up your three bottles in order as needed: Images A, B, C • USE BRUSH FROM BRUSH CLEANER BOTTLE AND RETURN WHEN NOT IN USE. 2. Complete dominant hand first. Avoiding skin and cuticle area, apply an even layer of Brush-on Gel to one nail as you would polish. Next, over WET GEL, use brush from Brush Cleaner and dip into Activator. Apply a thin coat of Activator over WET GEL as you would apply polish. Wipe brush on paper towel and return to Brush Cleaner to keep clean and soft. REPEAT these steps on all ten nails. 3. A SECOND LAYER of Brush-on Gel and Brush-on Activator is now applied repeating step 2 above. For a more opaque look, apply a third layer of the Gel/Activator combination. 4. After all ten nails are completed finish with a thin layer of Brush-on Gel on all ten nails as you would top coat. Brush-On Gel products will self-level, and set to a hard, smooth and shiny surface in under 5 minutes. Enjoy your Nude French manicure as is or finish with your own nail polish for a different color. • Tip: You can use the Gel/Activator combination on toenails for a fast, fresh pedicure. Fill-In: 1. Remove polish with non-acetone remover. 2. Gently buff area of nail growth where overlay meets cuticle. 3. Apply a small amount of Brush-On Gel to base of nail (growth area). 4. Apply Brush-on Activator only to area where Brush-on Gel was applied. 5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 from “Gel Application” Removal: 1. Do not force or pull off nails. Trim off as much artificial tip as possible. 2. For quick, easy removal, use All or One™ Artificial Nail Remover or soak nails in acetone-based nail polish remover until soft. 3. Wipe off softened overlay and glue; repeat process as necessary. TROUBLESHOOTING: 1. Thin layers of Brush-on Gel and Brush-on Activator must be used together to form the smooth, shiny finish. Gel must be WET when activator is applied over it for the two layers to fuse together to form this unique surface. 2. If product remains tacky after a few minutes then possibly not enough gel was applied or gel dried before activator was applied or activator was too thick for fusion process to work. Repeat application process of one layer gel and a layer of activator over wet gel and product should dry. 3. Do your dominant hand first when applying tips or artificial nail products. Activator brush should always be soft so wipe on paper towel and return to Brush Cleaner bottle to avoid hardening.


INGREDIENTS:Activator, Ethyl Acetate, Triphenyl Phosphate,
Butyl Acetate, Acrylates Copolymer, Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate, N, N-Diethyl-P-Toluidine, Violet 2 (CI 60725)-Made in USA
Brush-On Gel Glue: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl
Methacrylate, BHA-Made in USA with foreign components
Brush Cleaner: Ethyl Acetate, Acetone-Made in USA
Nails: ABS Plastic-Made in China

KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit
KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit
KISS Brush-On Gel Nail Kit