What are Press-On Falsies?

imPRESS Press-On Falsies are 1-step press on and go lashes you can apply underneath your lash in NO TIME WITHOUT GLUE! These pre-bonded lash clusters let you customize your lash look any way you see fit, and the innovative ‘under lash’ application is what makes them look so naturally gorgeous. It’s completely revolutionary – all you need to do is press on & go!

What does ‘under lash’ mean?

As the term aptly suggests, ‘under lash’ means you apply the Falsies clusters under your natural lash line, instead of over/above, as you would with traditional strip lashes. The bands are invisible, and the look is so natural.

How do Press-On Falsies differ from other false lashes or DIY lash extensions?

  1. There’s no glue needed. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on the lashes adheres instantly – with a secure 24-hour hold. It's breakthrough technology from KISS.
  2. Our lashes come in clusters, not strips. This makes them easy to work with and they look amazing and feel so comfortable. You can completely customize your look and go as natural or as glam as you want.
  3. They are applied under your lash line, giving you that seamless natural look in minutes.

Who are Press-On Falsies best suited for?

Everyone and anyone, no matter your skill level! If you love the look of voluminous, fluttery lashes…this one’s for you because they are so easy, quick and simple to apply – no mess, no residue from glue. Even those who never wear false lashes are saying “Finally!” and “Falsies are a dream come true!” A TOTAL GAMECHANGER!

How do you apply Press-On Falsies?

This is the brilliant part. There’s no lengthy how-to tutorial to follow, but if it’s your first time applying under lash clusters, it can take a few tries to get the hang of. The pre-glued lash clusters go under your natural lashes (not over!) so the bands blend in beautifully with your own lashes and the look is so natural.

  • Pluck a cluster from the tray. Be sure not to touch the pre-bonded part of the lash cluster near the band.
  • Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes, avoiding the waterline.
  • Squeeze clusters and natural lashes together with the applicator – this helps seal the Falsies in place.

Expert tip: When placing the clusters under your lash line, looking down into a magnifying mirror helps immensely to avoid your waterline.

How do you remove Press-On Falsies?

Taking the lashes off is just as easy and effortless as putting them on. With clean hands, use your fingers to remove the clusters by gently lifting them off your natural lashes, starting with the band side. You can also use a little makeup remover to loosen them up. Falsies will not leave behind any sticky residue and they won’t damage your natural lashes!

How long do Press-On Falsies last and can I reuse them?

Press-on Falsies provide a secure 24-hour hold. They are recommended for one time use only.

Can Press-On Falsies last longer if I apply glue?

It is not recommended you use any additional bond, glue, or any type of false lash adhesive or sealant with Press-On Falsies.

What should I do if I’m having difficulty getting them to stick to my natural lashes?

Applying a thin coat of mascara before you apply the lash clusters can be helpful. Also, be mindful of hot or cold conditions. Applying at room temperature is ideal.

Are Press-On Falsies waterproof?

Falsies are water resistant but not 100% waterproof. They’re good for daily life, but not recommended for swimming or water submersion.

What is included in the kit?

The imPRESS Press-on Falsies Kit comes with an innovative nonstick applicator, to help you pick up the lash clusters, place them where you want, and press them on, effortlessly. The kit has enough clusters for 2-3 full applications depending on your eye shape and size.

Where can I buy Press-On Falsies?

You can find imPRESS Press-On Falsies at Superdrug, Amazon, and other selected online retailers.

Can I buy refill lash clusters?

No, but we are developing them for 2024! Stay tuned!

What are the Press-On Falsies cluster wisp lengths and curl type?

All lash styles are a C-curl.

  • S: 10mm
  • M: 12mm
  • L: 14mm